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I’m pregnant and need help

Get help with our Pregnancy Care Program and learn more about the support we provide. There can be so many unknowns with unplanned pregnancy, but we are here to walk through it with you and your baby. 

unplanned pregnancy and need support

I’m pregnant and am considering adoption

Get help with our Pregnancy Care Program and learn more about the adoption support we provide. There can be so many unknowns with unplanned pregnancy, but we are here to help you.

unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption

I’m a Hopeful Adoptive Parent

For those seeking to adopt, our hope is to walk alongside families both through the process of adoption and in life. We are happy to assist you with questions and we will help navigate each step of the adoption process.


I’m a foster youth or foster family

For those seeking foster support, our hope is to walk alongside foster youth and foster families both through helping these amazing kids. We are happy to assist you with a care package and support.

Foster youth care support program adoption Finder

About Us

At Adoption Finder ®, we strive to bridge the gap between adopting families and unplanned pregnancy.

 We provide life affirming support to women with unplanned pregnancy – even if they do not choose adoption. We are here to meet the tangible needs to love and support both mom and baby.

We are now offering a new affordable membership option for HAP’s that want additional support with self-matching, resources, and access to additional content to help them in their adoption journey. These options are available for a monthly membership subscription fee. See memberships tab for more info. 

We are working on adoption and foster care reform. We strive to make adoption more affordable for certified families. We are able to make this possible with our innovative, user-friendly platforms and our growing social groups. We also have an app available for Android and iOS users.

Our platform also provides a way for women with unplanned pregnancies and people waiting to adopt the opportunity to connect, chat, create a profile, see who is nearby, and see who would be a good match.

Our goal is to provide more resources and programs in the future that includes housing, counseling and support groups, adoption scholarships, educational classes, pregnancy resource centers, and more.

Our Mission

To make adoption at little to no cost for adopting families and provide women with unplanned pregnancies with other options such as adoption and life affirming support (family preservation). 


Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

Our programs and services serve women, children, single parents, foster youth, and adopting families all over the USA. We provide resources for women with unplanned pregnancy, families in need of support and resources, and adoption help.

Adoption Finder ® wants to lead the nation in higher adoption rates and lowest number of abortions and unplanned pregnancies through our support programs.

Adoption is a loving option and is one of the most beautiful things a person can do. For people who cannot have a child on their own, the gift of life is something that gives them a family and a sense of completeness. These families have a lot of love to give. Just in the USA alone, there are estimated to be over 2 million families waiting to adopt. 


Volunteer hours served since 2019

Giving goes towards keeping our programs & services going, pregnancy care supplies, foster youth care supplies & support to HAP’s. 3% or less goes to our website fees, legal documentation, and other administrative fees.

Pregnancy Care Boxes

Hopeful Adopting Parents (HAP’s)

Rob & Kristen Cozart – Adoption Profile

Meet Rob & Kristen Cozart - Hopeful Adopting Parents! Check out their adoption profile and learn more about their adoption journey! 

Our Mission For Hopeful Adopting Families

Our Hopes As An Nonprofit Organization  Since the beginning of our organization’s start, we have been working hard for both adopting families and women with unplanned pregnancy (family preservation). In the last year, it has become even more clear that our mission is...

Ben and Kacy Brancheau – Adoption Profile

About Ben and Kacy  Hello! We are Ben, Kacy and Jon-Henry Brancheau from Tennessee with a second home in Michigan. Adoption has always held a special place in our hearts. Ben was adopted at birth, Kacy was adopted by her stepdad, and we adopted Jon-Henry from birth...

Mike and Caroline Ingram – Adoption Profile

About Us  Hi, We’re the Ingrams! We love spending time outdoors, visiting new places, trying new foods, family movie nights and dance parties, watching football (Go Blue!), & spending time together and with family and friends! Our faith is an important part of our...

Jenn and Nick Alex – Adoption Profile

Dear Mama, While the day your baby is born would no doubt make our “Best Day Ever” list, we realize it could be one of the hardest days for you, and we do not take that lightly. Whether we seem like the right choice for you or not, we want to thank you for choosing...

Andrew and Andrea Andies – Adoption Profile

Website: Contact: About Andrew and Andrea 🍀 Nature. 🤗 Nurture. ❤️ Love. That is the promise Andrea and Andrew from Utah want to make to your child.  🍀 Nature because all kids deserve adventure in the fresh air and...

Brandon and Torie Bateson – Adoption Profile

About Brandon & Torie  💍Married 7 Years 🏔 Located in a suburb of Utah  🐓 Dreaming of Country Living 💒 Christian Couple 🏡 Homeowners 🐾 Dog People 🍽 Foodies  ✅ Home Study Approved 💙💗 Open to Any Race/Either Gender 📎Working with an Adoption Attorney  ✈️ Available to...

Emily & Jeff Frame – Adoption Profile

Hello!  We are Jeff, Emily, and Tommy and we are hoping to adopt a baby! 🏡 We live in Illinois ❤️ Hoping to complete our family through adoption 💑 Family is very important to us 🐕 We love all animals, especially dogs! 🗺️ We love to travel as a family ⚾ 🏒 Baseball and...

Government Assistance: 18 programs for single mothers with no income 

According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, one in eight single moms is unemployed. If you’re currently out of work and struggling, the government can provide financial assistance and essential items for you and your children. These programs are being...

No Bake Lactation Cookies Recipe

I recently gave birth to my first child at the end of March 2022 and decided to breastfeed. Breastfeeding is no joke and requires so much time, dedication, and effort to make it work. Between pumping, eating, and all the tiny details, I didn’t realize how much work...

How You Can Help


Make a generational impact by sponsoring a pregnancy, an adopting family, or a single parent. Sponsoring can come in many forms. 


Help us serve our local communities by providing life saving and changing resources in your area!


Our organization is grant and donor funded. Your generosity makes all of our programs and services possible.


Join us as we advocate for adoption and making it more accessible for certified families.

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