Situations vary and change regularly as expecting mamas make a match or are a pending situation while making an adoption plan with an adoption professional. This is a monthly membership to host your adoption profile for expectant moms to look through when placing their baby for adoption. You’ll also have access to the adoption situations sent by adoption professionals we are working with. You will also have access to exclusive discounts, resources, educational tools, and content to help you in your self matching adoption journey. 

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National Adoption Day

National Adoption Day 2023 is a special day dedicated to celebrating and promoting the adoption of children in foster care. It is an occasion to recognize the loving families who open their hearts and homes to provide permanent, stable, and caring environments for...

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Much more than another adoption site

Much more than just another adoption site 💬📱 At Adoption Finder it has always been our mission to bridge the gap for adopting families and women with unexpected pregnancy. Our app provides a platform for a new era in the adoption sector. Where good conversation,...

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Current Self Matching Situations

SITUATION 1 - Domestic Adoption

Lifeline Children Services is advocating for a 4-year-old boy. Michael is fun-loving, sweet, and affectionate. He has a level three Autism diagnosis and needs a family equipped to parent a child with Autism.

Michael's family will need time, resources, and abilities to pursue therapy and other interventions to help him thrive. His family will also need to be prepared for an open adoption with his Birth Mother, including a direct email relationship and annual visits in the southeastern part of the US.

A home study, profile book, and older child education will be requirements for Michael's family; however, Lifeline can work with you to complete these items. Please pray with us for the Lord to provide a family for Michael! If you or someone you know may be interested in learning more, please get in touch with olivia.bourg@lifelinechild.org.


Currently expecting due in May. Looking to place my baby with non religious family.
Due with baby girl.
Wants  open adoption where she is part of the family and is allowed visitations. 

*Must have completed current Home Study. 


Our Hope

Our mission for adopting families is to reduce the cost of adoption by providing a platform for safe and verified identified matching. We have seen many for-profit adoption agencies take advantage of the hopes and dreams of adopting families. Many families have paid thousands of dollars for years in hope of getting a match and the agency or adoption professional is unable to do what they have promised. We want to change this and see a new season for Hopeful Adoptive Parents (HAP’s).

Our Mission for HAP’s

Since the beginning of our organization’s start, we have been working hard for both adopting families and women with unplanned pregnancy (family preservation). It has become even more clear that our mission is incredibly important. Not just from the political and law changes of our country, but because there is a trend we have been seeing in the adoption sector that we are deeply saddened by and want to see changed for the better.


A match is never guaranteed. There is always a chance a birth mom will change her mind. It is our goal to support both expectant mamas and adopting families to the best of our ability in doing what is best for them. Self Matching Situations are available to help provide a more affordable option for adopting families as they are on their adoption journey. It is estimated that for every situation there are 100-200 HAP’s waiting to match. In America alone there is approximately 2,000,000 adoptive families.


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