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Small Business & Corporate Sponsorships

We are looking to join forces with businesses that want to make a difference and an impact in their local communities.

What is our sponsorship program?

Our sponsorship program was created to help us meet the tangible needs of pregnant women, babies, foster youth, and to support adopting families. We have multiple ways businesses & individuals can be a sponsor.

Your monthly support makes a generational impact and helps us meet the needs of our sign-ups. Our most common support need is through our pregnancy care program.

Sponsorship can mean the difference between life and death for a baby or helping a family open their home to be a safe place for a child.

Reasons to Become a Sponsor

• All of our programs are donor and grant funded.

• You are saving the lives of babies and support women who are facing difficult decisions.

• You can provide supplies for a child in foster care who has little to no personal belongings.

Supporting adopting families by giving them a free platform to connect, chat, educate,and have the resources they need during the adoption process.

• You are supporting the continued efforts to reduce the cost of adoption.

• You are giving hope to people in hard situations.

Sponsorship Breakdown

Your donation can make a significant impact towards our mission. Here are some examples of how sponsorship can help:

  • $50 can provide a care package, counseling, supplies, and resources to a pregnant mother who is considering Abortion.
  • $100 can provide a care package for a foster child who may not have any personal belongings of their own.
  • $250 can provide financial assistance to a family who is adopting a child and needs help with adoption expenses.
  • $500 can provide educational resources for adoptive families to ensure a successful adoption process or helping us purchase larger items for a mama with an unplanned pregnancy.

Current Sponsorship options:

  • SB 1 – $100/ month
  • SB 2 – $250/ month
  • SB 3  – $500/ month
  • SB 4 – $750/ month
  • Platinum – $1000/ month
  • Titanium $3500/ month
  • Diamond – $7500/ month
  • Custom monthly giving
  • One time giving
  • Quarterly giving
  • Annual giving
  • Registry support/giving
  • Legacy fund

Each sponsorship option has the opportunity to choose which program you want your donation to go to. If no preference, we utilize funds to the most urgent & current needs across all programs.

• We are always looking for program sponsors and ways to help our program meet all the needs of each mama and baby.

Small business giving donations tax deductible charitable contribution

Your monthly support makes a generational impact to our programs and services. Thank you for your contributions and being a force for good!

To set up monthly donations, please call 307.213.9327, email us at or visit our contact page.

Corporate giving donations charitable contributions adoption Finder

Your monthly support makes a generational impact to our programs and services. Thank you for your contributions and being a force for good!

To set up monthly donations, please call 307.213.9327, email us at or go to our contact page.


What is a Legacy Fund?

You have made investments of your time and treasure throughout your lifetime and you want to leave a legacy. A legacy fund with the Community Foundation provides you with an opportunity to include charitable giving in your estate plans and make a difference for generations to come.

Benefits of a Legacy Fund


Legacy funds allow you to make a long-term impact on the causes and communities that are most important to you. Your continued support will allow the selected organizations to carry out their missions and contribute to the community for years to come.


Legacy funds provide you the opportunity to share the gift of giving with future generations. You can use assets named in your legacy fund to open a charitable giving fund for family, a friend, a business or committee to continue to invest in causes they care about and pass on the joy of giving. 


A legacy fund offers you the opportunity to ensure that charitable giving is part of your estate plans, with the flexibility to change the causes you plan to support over time. 


Financial Facts
  • A legacy fund can be established in any amount and with a variety of asset types. 

To set up a legacy fund, please call 307.213.9327 or email us at

To set up monthly donations that better suit your giving, please call 307.213.9327, email us at or go to our contact page. 


We love your pregnancy care program!  – Hope Program Donor


I really appreciate what you are doing for me and my little one. The support from the page has literally saved my life. You have no idea! – Momma D / Hope Program


Thank you for all the helpful information and support during this process!  – Adoption Support Recipient 

Let’s Work Together

We are a registered nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. All donations will be 100% tax deductible in accordance with IRS 170 regulations.  Tax ID 84-2020344
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