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Our Hopes As An Nonprofit Organization 

Since the beginning of our organization’s start, we have been working hard for both adopting families and women with unplanned pregnancy (family preservation). In the last year, it has become even more clear that our mission is incredibly important. Not just from the political and law changes, but because there is a trend we have been seeing in the adoption world that we are deeply saddened by.

Our mission for adopting families is to reduce the cost of adoption by providing a platform for safe and verified identified matching. We have seen many for-profit adoption agencies take advantage of the hopes and dreams of adopting families. Many families have paid thousands of dollars for years in hope of getting a match and the agency or adoption professional is unable to do what they have promised. We want to change this and see a new season for HAP’s.

We do not charge for our programs and services. Our nonprofit organization is solely operated on grants, sponsors, and generous donations. We rely completely on the generosity of the public and without our volunteers we wouldn’t be able to accomplish the milestones we have for our programs and services.

We have trusted adoption agencies that we recommend to help expecting mother’s (EM’s) and adopting families with all the legal parts of the adoption process. We recommend these agencies because they do not charge thousands of dollars upfront to families/HAP’s and provide no results. They are licensed, legitimate, and working toward the same goals as us, which is to serve you. 

We are working at making adoption more affordable for certified families by partnering with these types of agencies because we want to see your family thrive and you invest that money you would spend working with a for-profit adoption agency into your family.

During October 2022 – November 2022, we have had 4 confirmed adoption and matches through our platform that we know of. Many times because our services are free through our platform (the app and Facebook group), we aren’t able to track every match, since families and expecting mother’s are able to match, chat, and connect freely. 

We hope to continue this trend of matching, saving HAP’s thousands of dollars, seeing expecting mother’s supported, HAP’s getting education, resources, and support they need, and to incentivize opening up our homes and space to children not only through private infant adoptions, but to children in foster care that need support, care, love, and a place to call home. 

We hope to build something new and better for adopting families and expecting mother’s. We have a hopeful and exciting 2023 coming.  We can’t wait to share with you what we will be able to accomplish together.

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